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Feedback for frontline workers

For Organizations

More  Feedback

Giving feedback to frontline workers is time-consuming for both the customer and the organization. 

We transformed the process so that everyone can save time. 

Vetted Candidates

To accelerate hiring qualified candidates, pick from our pool of customer-vetted active job seekers. 

Social  Sharing

Automated social sharing eliminates manual work and instantly published the feedback to any number of social accounts. 

Customer Experience

The granular nature of the feedback that your customers send enables measuring the impact of a frontline worker on customer experience.

For Frontline Workers

Instant Feedback

Our point and click process makes it easy for customers to send feedback right there at the point of the service, without the need to look for a supervisor. 

Portable Feedback

When looking for a new job, we make it easy to share your feedback record with hiring managers. 

Better Recognition

With access to your feedback data, your supervisor and managers can better recognize your contributions.  

Hiring Pool

When looking for a new job, you can let us know to include your profile in the hiring pool where hiring managers look for vetted candidates. 

For Consumers

Locate Faster

Quickly locate high-rating service providers without the tedious work of going through social media comments. 

Complement Faster

Instead of waiting for a supervisor to show up, point and click to send your review.

Grow with more customer feedback 

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